We’ve Moved

Welcome and thank you for reading my blog. I truly appreciate you. I am still on the WordPress platform however, I've moved to self-hosting. Whether you are already subscribed or would like to subscribe to future post, I invite you to do so via my new self-hosted site PrettyPinkLotusBud.org. I will officially be deleting this site … Continue reading We’ve Moved


Healing Victimization

When he asked if he could kiss me between my legs, I had no motivation to object. After all, as I’d mentioned in my Creating the Sexually Liberated Woman post, I’d learned to please myself long before anyone else had the opportunity, and I knew how good that felt. Up until that moment I couldn’t imagine what a kiss between my legs would feel like. The moment he asked, my body began to fire on all synapses. I think it was something he’d learned watching porn. His dad had a lot of porn.