Pretty Pink Lotus Bud

PPLB was created as a safe space to openly express my sexuality and share my sexual experiences and explorations as well as those of others. As I have been a very sensual person since before my sexual debut, I have resented the idea that I must hide this huge part of who I am as to avoid ostracization. Resentment is a heavy burden to bear.

This blog is from a very personal perspective. All experiences and opinions are my own unless I say otherwise. PPLB is a space to honor those perspectives and the things I love the most: sensuality, intimacy, connection, and boundless love. To praise the almighty orgasm and worship the power of the pussy.

Here, we celebrate sexual liberation, empowerment, open expression, and new feminism. We raise awareness on social and health concerns. We explore our sexuality, both anatomically and psychologically. We bring sex out of the darkness of secret and shame. We recognize the connection between sex and spirituality.

About the Author

I am a dangerously seductive, wonderfully confused bisexual, vicariously promiscuous sexually liberated, nonreligious spiritual, poly-amorous, compersious, black woman, feminist, and mother. I am a contradiction. I am soft and sensitive yet strong and fiercely independent.

I created this blog because I love sex; passionate, intimate, romantic, and occasionally reckless sex. I love femininity. Quite simply, I love being a woman.

Sexual expression is important to me; I believe that everyone should have the freedom of open sexual expression without social persecution. In fact, that is the vision of this blog.

My mission is to revolutionize widely accepted ideas of female sexuality by sharing the experiences and desires of the sexually liberated woman; This sexually liberated woman and any others who would like to share through Pretty Pink Lotus Bud; always in confidence because I realize that we all arrive in our own time.

Cheers to unabashed sexual expression!

Rachael Maddox  IG @rachaelmaddos